Moreshet online lecture in Matua

The European project MORESHET and the Jewish Community of Mantua with contribution of CISE (Interdepartmental Center for Jewish Studies, at the University of Pisa) have organized a conference via Zoom by Prof. David Malkiel, of Bar Ilan University in Israel, entitled “The Palace Te tra science and imagination “. The conference was focused on the impressions of two exceptional travelers, i Rabbis Isaac Lampronti of Ferrara (1679 – 1756) and Hayyim Yoseph David Azulay of Geru Salemme (1724 – 1806), who in the eighteenth century visited the Palazzo Te and in particularly the Hall of the Giants. The impressions they reported align with the testimonies of others European travelers, whose writings on the Hall of the Giants have aroused the same charm. Lampronti and Azulay worked to adapt their experience to traditions and beliefs that constituted their view of the world in relation to the scientific knowledge of the time.